Video Production

[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]We offer a wide variety of video services. We only work with professional video equipment, making you a product that looks high-quality.

Web Video

We can record your event in full HD with one or more cameras to give you an accurate record that will last a lifetime. From conferences to shows and music performances we can cater for all types of events.  We can provide you with HD .mp4 video files which are perfect for web playback or even DVDs with menus and more.

Wedding Video

A wedding is arguably the biggest day in someone’s life. We want to make sure your wedding is captured in full so that you can relive your special moments for years to come. We provide a comprehensive filming service covering anything from just the ceremony and photos to a full day package with preparations and the reception. We shoot with stunning cinema-style DSLR cameras and provide everything needed to make your wedding video a success.

Lecture Recording

Recording your lecture can increase your research dissemination and expand your public engagement massively. We have many years experience recording lectures for Universities and educational establishments and have produced lots of material for both private video portals and iTunes U. Please contact us to find out more about this service.

Promotional Video

In a modern world of technology, people are reaching for videos on a daily basis. Why not promote your company or service through the means of video to capture the attention of the public in a thoughtful and creative way?
We can produce short documentaries, interviews and video with voiceover to professionally promote your business. We also produce promo videos for music artists which can be a great way of connecting with your audience prior to the launch of your new music.